Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Preliminary Instructions for Blogging

Creating a blog…

- Go to http://www.blogger.com/


- Create a Google account using preferred email address

- Name your blog and blog address: this will be your blog address throughout your time at UNCG, we recommend something easy to remember

- Choose template

- Create

Adding a Gadget…

- Go to DESIGN (top left)

- Select “Add a gadget” in the right hand column

- Scroll down and select LABELS from list

- Save

Creating a Post…

- Go to POSTING in blog menu screen or NEW POST at top right

- Add a title in title box

- Type the body of the post in the given text box

- When posting for this class always include “design visualization” in the labels box


Become a follower of the class blog…

- In address bar type in: http://www.iarfall10studio101anddesign110.blogspot.com/

- Select FOLLOW from the right hand column

- Sign un using google account information

- Follow prompts until it says Congratulations

Scanning a document…

- Place document face down on scanner in computer lab

- Press scan button

- In Epson Scan select the button with the folder next to "Scan"

- Select location for the scan (either is student files or on a USB drive) and select ok

- Select Preview and once preview image is available, crop the image

- Select "Scan", image will automatically save in designated location

Replacing the header…

- Select “Design” from the menu

- Select EDIT in the title box

- Make sure you check the circle next to "shrink to fit" so the image is scaled down.

- Select the image that you have scanned in by browsing computer

- Under placement select “instead of title and description”

- Click “save”

- Always click “save” on menu

- View blog

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