Thursday, September 9, 2010

Checklist for Drawings...

As mentioned in class, we highly recommend creating a personal checklist that you can use when completing a drawing or assignment. Below are several points and areas where improvement is needed that you can use for your individual checklist.

  • line quality consistent throughout drawing
  • used appropriate line weights
  • provided a border or respected a border
  • labeled the drawings with architectural lettering with appropriate spacing
  • architectural lettering used with lightly drawn guidelines
  • used eraser shield for hidden lines and darkened dashes when needed
  • followed instructions
  • provided appropriate paper size
  • formated paper appropriately

In order to accomplish the areas of improvements listed above, you may want to begin an assignment with a rough draft that is drawn to scale and then trace that drawing onto a clean sheet of trash or vellum for your final. This practice will allow you to correct any mistakes, avoid any excess erase marks and awkward spacing often occuring when drafting a drawing for the first time.

We look forward to seeing the orthographics of your selected objects on Tuesday!

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