Thursday, September 23, 2010

Comments for Pictorial Assignment

Examples to Follow


Jack Kennedy

Elevation Oblique

Beckie Yohn

Plan Oblique

Matt Weikert

Things to Correct or Address:
  • completion of an object [are you seeings all the needed lines to correctly explain it]
  • line quality of circles [no sketchy circles]
  • hidden lines are not needed on pictorial drawings
  • don't draw lines within the circle to show depth [it will read correctly just as a circle or ellipse]
  • think about the layout [center all the views in relation to the paper]
  • lines are perpendicular [make sure you are using the correct angles at all times] [use some form of straight edge to know that your triangle is lined up correctly]
  • size of circles [check the measurements with the handout]
  • use the two different methods for drawing circles in the pictorial views

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