Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Sketch of a leaf by Laura Kimmel

Since we have recently reviewed your observational sketchbooks and are finding some fantastic representations and experimentations with light and shadow, we ask that you find three successful sketches from your individual observation sketchbook and post these to your blog. For each image write a short statement about the sketch including such details as medium, location, duration, techniques, etc.

In addition to reflecting on your own sketches, seek out the two classmates that are listed under your name on the class blog list and look through their observational sketchbooks. Select a page from each of their sketchbooks that uses a technique that you would like to experiment with in your own sketching practices and post these to your individual blog. Remember to give the student credit for using their image and provide a link to their class blog under the image as displayed above. Reflect on why you selected these sketches and what you find interesting about the techniques.

These 5 images should be posted to your blog by the beginning of class on Thursday, November 4th.

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